DJ LMS is who you want at the helm of your party. The Chicago-born and-bred DJ has made his mark by performing for celebrations for beloved Chicago artists like Chance the Rapper and Jennifer Hudson and at city-thrown events for political notables like Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his mayor’s dinner — that gathered over 200 mayors from across the U.S.


Interest met opportunity for LMS when while working at a skating rink in 2008, he was asked to play music when a DJ failed to show up. CDs from his car and the unintended experience sparked a serious interest, and with the help of friend and fellow DJ Slow Mo, DJ LMS was born.

From Top 40 to early 2000s jams, LMS specializes in open format sets blending music genres to keep crowds dancing at clubs, corporate events and private events. The former dancer and footworker honors turntablism and blends a traditional style of DJing that pays homage to the greats while infusing a contemporary kick.

LMS has performed with a number of artists at concerts of all size, including a tour with the iconic Lauren Hill. He’s currently focused on continuing his daily study of the craft while leaving his mark at some of Chicago’s most notable nightclubs.

…are you ready to DANCE?


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